Diesel Modification & Repairs like No Other

Prolong the life of your pickup truck while looking great on the road with diesel modification and repair services from Diesel Xtreme in Billings, Montana. We are your first choice for exceptional modifications and performance upgrades, as well as quality repairs that fix any minor or major pickup problem. Contact us today for more details on our unique diesel modification services.

Diesel Performance Services

Your pickup truck runs better than ever with our diesel performance services! We specialize in installing performance chip modules for better tuners, injectors, and turbos.

Basic Maintenance Services

Your pickup truck is in good hands at Diesel Xtreme, where we offer a wide range of maintenance services that include the replacement of: brakes, belts, hoses, filters, fluids, and minor repair services.

Minor Repair Services

Our minor repair services include repairing leaks, running issues, replacement of clutches and U-joints,
transmission issues, and drive train problems.

Major Repair Services
Don’t send your pickup truck off to the junkyard just yet! Let our major diesel repair technicians take a look.
We provide major diesel repair services for engine repairs and replacements, transmission repairs and
replacements, head gasket replacements, bearing, piston, and injector repairs.

For Your Diesel Modifications
No pickup truck is complete without our diesel modifications! These modifications are perfect for any make
and model and include items such as lift kits, bumpers, and drive train swaps.

Give your truck a facelift by calling us today at (406) 670-6168 in
Billings, Montana, for our incredible diesel modification services.